Application Guidance


Projects MUST benefit the residents of the Big Local DY10 Area. This is not a postcode area but a specific area as shown on this map and covers parts of the Horsefair, Broadwaters and Greenhill.

1) Where is the funding coming from?

This Small Grants Fund is made available by Big Local DY10, a recipient of Big Lottery money, and is available to individuals and not-for-profit groups for projects based within or benefitting the residents of the Big Local DY10 area as specified on the above map. There is a total of up to £5,000 per quarter available in small grants for projects.

2) Who can apply?

a) Local residents, people who live, work, study, or volunteer within the Big Local DY10 area.

Applicants must be able to provide a character reference from someone who is independent from them (non-family member or relation).

Individuals can apply once per quarter and there are age restrictions on amounts that can be requested. See section 3 for more details.

b) Existing Not-for-profit groups

Groups applying have to be able to clearly demonstrate that they have been active in a community over the last 12 months with evidence of activities or services previously delivered. Groups must be constituted with a suitable dissolution Clause to be eligible. The proposed project MUST be beneficial to the Big Local DY10 area.

c) New Not-for-profit groups

We will consider applications from newly formed Not-for-Profit groups. The proposed project MUST be beneficial to the Big Local DY10 area.

3) How much is available and for how long?

The Small Grants fund is currently £5,000 per quarter. The quarterly limits for grants are:

Amounts above these levels will need to be considered by the full Partnership.

4) What can funding be used for?

Projects MUST demonstrate sustainability or upskilling. The Committee will only fund one-off events if they are a trial. The Committee will fund new projects and initiatives rather than existing ones. However they will consider funding to progress an existing project to a higher level but generally they will not fund things that are already in existance or the same project twice. Projects cannot be funded retrospectively.

The funding can be used for a range of projects that will provide positive activities to BLDY10 residents, including:

Note: Equipment purchased with Big Local money will be listed as a Community Asset and the DY10 Partnership will request they are shared with other Groups or residents of the area.


5) How to apply?

For an Individual they should complete and submit the Big Local DY10 ‘Individual’s Grant Application. Email the office if you need a DY10 worker to help you.

Not-for-profit organisations must complete the Big Local DY10 ‘Organisation Application’ form.

These forms can be downloaded at the web site ( The appropriate form should be printed and completed, then either scanned and emailed as an attachment to, or submitted by post:

Big Local DY10 Grants and Funding Big Local DY10,
Big Print Shop,
15-17 Coventry Street,
DY10 2BG

6) How will applications be assessed?

A grants committee made up of members of the Big Local DY10 Partnership plus an Independent Chair will initially assess all applications for eligibility. Any Applications for amounts above those listed in 3) will be referred back to the full Partnership. Applicants may be invited to meet with the Committee and should be able to explain their project and how it meets the Big Local DY10 Community Plan.

7) What happens if application is successful?

Should you be awarded funding through BLDY10 you may be required to provide the additional information listed below to enable us to release the funding to you or your group.
If you are unable to provide this information then you should not apply to this programme for funding.

Successful Individual

If your application is approved by the committee you may be required to provide the following:

Successful Organisations additional requirements:

8) What to submit and How?

Application Forms can be accessed at They should be downloaded and printed for completion, scanned, then emailed to
If you require a hard copy of this application form please contact us on giving us the address to which the hard copy should be sent.

Applications can be submitted by post to :

Big Local DY10 Grants and Funding Big Print Shop,
15-17 Coventry Street,
DY10 2BG

If you need any advice or help filling in the forms, please email