Employment Support

Unemployed or Current Job Unsuitable?

Stacey Dalton – Employment Coach
The Big Local DY10 Area

Hello to everyone!
My name is Stacey Dalton and I am the new Employment Coach for Big Local DY10 HBG. It is a fact that we have all suffered to various degrees, the negative effects and changes to our lives caused by COVID-19. My mission is to help dispel any limiting beliefs that are holding back clients from achieving their full potential and to help address any barriers to employment. I am fully committed to help empower individuals to be their best and to encourage positive change and confidence in their abilities.
Over the course of my career, I have worked in recruitment agencies and for the last 12 years I have worked in advice and guidance roles as an Employment Engagement Support Officer and then for last 3 years in the role of Learner Monitoring Co-ordinator with Apprentices at Kidderminster College. I will be offering free, confidential and friendly advice for clients on how to regain their confidence and motivate them to begin those first tentative steps towards goal setting for a better future. I will be working closely with them so that we can tailor a package of support to meet individual needs and requirements which will help increase their employability skills. Support will be available to help with CV writing, interview techniques, skill checks, digital skills and job searches.

This service is available for both unemployed and those who
are currently working in an unsuitable position. For example, you may have only been offered a temporary or zero hours contract. If the client chooses, I can also offer life coaching techniques which can help
them discover for themselves what could be holding them back from achieving their full potential. By exploring core values and beliefs, the client will come to realise which things add value to their lives and those that detract. I will also be aiming to build connections with local training providers and other organisations that are involved with developing further opportunities for our residents.

Once I have been working with a client and we both feel that they are
completely ready for the next step, I can guide them through this process by
enabling them to be fully involved in their own decision making. I can also
signpost them to other training organisations if required or help find suitable employment. This organisational partnership can also work vice versa. If a training provider feels that a young person still needs further one-to-one support and they live within the Big Local DY10 HBG area, they can then be referred back to me. I will then endeavour to help build that client’s confidence and skills set at a pace to suit the client.
This will help ensure that no individual is left in limbo without some kind of support.

I can then work with them to revise their original plans and add
incremental steps in order for them to get to the next level on their journey.
I will be primarily working with 16 to 30 year olds, but will also welcome
enquiries form older residents that meet the criteria for the Big Local DY10 area. It is an exciting opportunity for me and am looking forward to working with all the team members and getting to know some of the local residents.

Best wishes